Mounting Mushroom Baskets to "The Wilderness Wanderer" Pack Frame

First Mount the 12 frame mounts on the frame put 2 on the top 2 pins on each side, miss a pin, 2 on next 2 pins, miss a pin, 2 on next 2 pins, insert the long wire through all the pins to hold in place as shown.

Step #1


Insert the Tri-Glide end of basket mounting straps into the baskets in the holes as shown.

  • Basket#1 a 12" Strap and the 24" Strap w/hook
  • Basket#3 a 12" Strap
  • Basket#4 the other 24" Strap(thread in one hole and back out the hole above)
  • Basket#5 a 12" Strap
  • Basket#6 a 12" Strap, & in the middle long side of Basket opposite where the 12" straps are mounted, insert the Tri-Glide end on the 60' Compression strap.

Stack the empty baskets in this order before tying them to the frame.

Pull this black strap over the top and hook it to the bottom basket, then pull the end strap tight.



Using the Bungee cord on the end of the Compression strap hook one hook on 1 side of the frame and then wrap it around the baskets and lids and hook to the other side of the frame(If you want a couple of more baskets, add them with lids and we will show you how to in further steps how to mount them).
Attach #6 along with the empty baskets and lids to the bottom frame mount. Mount basket #1 as shown above the emptys(loading in the following order will give you optimum weight distribution, regardless of the number of baskets you fill)

Always keep the hook at the end of the compression strap hooked into the top basket to tie it to the bottom basket. Extend the strap as you add baskets. Use the bungee cord to go over the top to hold the top lid on, as shown.

Detach the Bungee cord and hook from over Basket#1
Add Basket#2 with its lid and use the hook on the 24"
strap of Basket#1 to hold it to the frame, reattach hook
and Bungee to Basket#2
Add and fill Baskets#3 & 4 as shown
Fill Basket#6 then #5, slide #5 above
#6 and below #1 at bottom at the
bottom of the pack as shown.
Tie down Basket#7 by loosening 24" strap
on the basket below and pulling the
Tri-Glide enough to thread it into a
lower hole in Basket#7.

Put your 8th Basket under the compression strap.

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